Detective Devices
GDMS (VG9000: Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer)

Application and feature: GDMS, as a direct analysis technology on solid sample, is widely used in trace and ultratraceultra trace impurity analysis of metal and semi conductor materials. With development modification of sample preparation method and ion source device, GDMS can also be used in non-semiconductor material component analysis, such as glass, ceramics and oxide powder. The main features of GDMS are as below:

1. Wide detection range: its detect range is from Sub to ppm till ppb, and it can directly analyze solid samples in different forms to avoid potential sample preparation pollutioncontamination. It can determine all elements in periodic table as well, including light elements (e.g. C,N and O etc .).

2. High sensitivity for analysis and low detection limit: Its detection limit of most metal elements can reach as precise as 0.1-0.001 ng /g., so it’sIt is the most effective and accurate method for high purity material impurity analysis.