Manufacturing Facilities
Rolling Machine (1200T)

Application and features: Rolling Machine (1200T) is applied in the plastic work by tighten the thickness of parts with different roll distances for differentused for reducing the thickness of different materials like Aluminum, Titanium, Tantalum, Copper, Nickel and Cobalt through plastic deformation. The machine can be used by heat oftemperature of the working piece would be in the range of 250℃-1000℃, for the parts whosewith the thickness is less than 250mm and diameter amongφ180-600mm or length among 200-700mm. After rolling, thethe minimum thickness after rolling could becan reach 20-40mm. The rolling limit is 12000KN and the speed ranges from 200mm to-700mm. The roll size is 1000*1580mm with distance the maximum opening of 380mm.