Detective Devices
Metalloscope (Olympus PME3)

Application and features: Olympus PME3 Metalloscope can conduct professional analysis on metals and alloys, such as Al, Ti, Ta, Cu, W, Mo, Co and Ni etc. Its magnification of objective lens is 5X 10X 20X 40X, and magnification of its eyepiece is 10X. Olympus PME3 also has strong expansibility to be configurated with Image Analysis System (a set of digital camera, webcam and image analysis software). It can be used for analysis study and characterization on material microstructure, macrostructure and fractograph with help of TCI metallographicalmetallographic image analysis system V2.0, including imaging, qualitative and quantitative characterization of material microstructure, which is usually used to reflect phase, composition, crystal, nonmetallic inclusion of the material, even to reflect quantity, morphology, size, distribution, orientation and space of some crystal defect.Besides Olympus PME3 KFMI also has Nikon 10D metalloscope, XJL-02A upright metalloscope and BXJ-300 portable metalloscope.