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The second episode of TV documentary Amazing China,was shown on CCTV-1

At 8 p.m. on September 20, 2017, the second episode of TV documentary< China>>,<<<>Innovation Vitality>>was shown on CCTV-1 at prime time. The story of Konfoong Material International Co. LTD entrepreneurship team was well presented. It spoke for the innovation-driven talent strategy, led by the chairman of the company, Dr. Lijun Yao.

Story started at Shenzhen Stock Exchange, where KFMI team rang the IPO bell. This documentary reviewed the entrepreneurial journey of Konfoong Material International Co. LTD by narrating how they filled the domestic industry gap and broke monopoly of transnational corporations. The story showed innovative spirit of Konfoong Material International Co. LTD, their latest research results of creation, and how they rewrote China's history in the manufacturing of metal sputter targets. This episode also sufficiently demonstrated the attention and care from our central and local government to these creative and innovative talents.