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KFMI won the first place for the supplier rating of TSMC in the third quarter of 2017

Recently, KFMI received a great news from the quality department of TSMC that KFMI won the first place for the quality rating of TSMC in the third quarter of 2017.

The rating includes four main modules, which are Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Service.KFMI’s final score was 88.2, which was ranked the first place among allthe target suppliers. Especially, KFMI’s efficient cooperation has been highly praised by TSMC.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., LTD. (TSMC) is the world's first and largest professional integrated circuit manufacturing service (wafer foundry) enterprise. As the founder and the leader of professional integrated circuit manufacturing services, TSMC has established a reputation for providing advanced wafer fabrication techniques and optimum manufacturing efficiency. TSMC provides its service to about 449 customers, and produces more than 9,275 various kinds of products, which are widely used in diversified fields including computer products, communications products, and consumer electronics products.

Since 2009, KFMIhas established a cooperative relationship with TSMC, and has been supplying highly purified target materials to TSMC 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch wafer fabs.As a long-term strategic partnership, KFMI focuses on technology innovation and product upgrading, and continues supplying high quality semiconductor sputtering target materials to TSMC. Relying onexcellent quality and service, depending on close technical exchange, KFMI has established a strategic partnership of mutual trust and win-win cooperation with TSMC, and continues expanding market shares in TSMC.

Honor is from trust.  Customers’ praise is a recognition of the efforts of KFMI people.In the future,we will continue adhering to the spirit of KFMI, which includes "trying-our-best, holding-on-to-the-end, pursuing-perfection, striving-for-first". We will constantly improve, and providemore quality products to customers with professional technical support and the strict quality management.Meanwhile, KFMI will keep co-working with our customers to develop a broader, higher, and deeper level of cooperation, trying to take on the role of science and technology innovation leader, and bringing more honor to “Made-in-China”.