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Corona Virus Status and KFMI Resumed Full Operation

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), a highly contagious virus, first broke out in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, in December 2019. Meanwhile, the Chinese New Year holiday started from January 24th, 2020, and people usually returned hometown from their working cities during this period of time.

The Hubei government decided to lockdown Wuhan city from January 23rd, and then extended even to the whole Hubei Province, impos strict restrictions on transportation and people migration. This measures were adopted by other provinces immediately to cut off the spread route of the virus. After a couple of weeks, the spread of the epidemic has been significantly reduced with the concerted efforts of the people and government, most Chinese enterprises have resumed production since February 10th following protocols from the health department.

Daily epidemic monitoring trend shows:

1. 87.8% of existing patients are in Hubei province.

2. Inside Hubei Province, the number of cured cases increased rapidly, while the number of newly confirmed cases began to decrease day by day.

3. Outside Hubei Province, the number of newly confirmed cases continued reducing for 16 days.

Since February 16th, the situation has been changed to the second stage, main focus of the government is encouraging companies back to operation. Now back to work becomes the center topic to everyone in China.  

Konfoong Materials International Co., Ltd (KFMI) located in Yuyao city, Zhejiang Province, which is almost one thousand kilometers far away from Wuhan city. As of today, there have been 1,203 confirmed cases in Zhejiang Province, 679 persons have been cured and only1 person died of Novel Coronavirus. Yuyao is a city with population of nearly 1.14million, which has confirmed 11 cases so far, and among them, 7 have been cured and 4 are under medical treatment in hospital at present.

KFMI pay close attention to the epidemic and take necessary actions and precautions quickly. None of KFMI employees has been infected so far.

With the approval from Yuyao government on February 10th, KFMI production was fully resumed, except those blocked in Hubei Province. All employees from other regions returned to factory, and 95% of production capacity has been recovered.

As a key material supplier of the semiconductor industry, KFMI always keeps a 3-month inventory of key raw materials from multiple sources, including Japan, U.S. and China vendors. The domestic logistics are recovering gradually, KFMI products can be delivered to customers as normal from now on. Regarding international delivery, all the routes to Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Europe,et are back to normal as of today except to U.S. due to the limited load of airlines between both countries.

Customer satisfaction has been strongly embedded in the company core values since day one of KFMI and is the cornerstone of our quality management system. We are dedicated to providing the best products, listening to the voice of customers and being reachable at all times to build long term relationships with all our valuable customers.