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KFMI Ranked No. 1 From Key Customer’s Supplier Performance Rating in 2019

KFMI’s high performance products and outstanding service quality continues to convince customers all over the world. One of our key customers, who is a global leading supplier of high performance and energy efficient silicon solutions, rated KFMI as the best supplier in 2019 Q4 supplier performance rating. Six quarters in a row, KFMI has held number one position of the ranking at this key customer.

KFMI is supplying more than 30 types of products to this MNC’s manufacturing facilities located in US, Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Europe. In terms of QCDST (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Technology), the scores KFMI owned are significantly higher than other 21 suppliers participating in the supplier performance rating.  

Customer satisfaction has been strongly embedded in KFMI’s core values since the first day.  We are dedicated to providing the best products and service, listening to customer requests and being reachable at all times to build long term relationships with all our valuable customers and partners worldwide.