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KFMI Speech Contest : Entrepreneurship

  In May and June, 2020, KFMI has opened aspeech contest to refresh the mood of office and inspire employees with theirentrepreneurship as a member of KFMI. Simultaneously, the event was intended to measurelatent risk following unprecedented competitive market environment which mayjeopardize the future business.

 It was the second speech contest since 2016. 5~8 people out of 69total participants joined each session everyWednesday sharing a sense of values on entrepreneurship. The participants werefrom every department including Sales, Technical Support and Customer Service,Milling and Machining, Human Resource and so on.

The speech was in a way of interactivecommunication that the speakers and listeners were mutually communicating tounderstand better each other. Every presenter was very enthusiastic about howhe/she thought about entrepreneurial spirit because most of them exceeded thegiven 10-minute limit. All of thoughts were defined in their own ways toexpress and present creativity.

 One of participants has shared hisexperience during an oversea business trip to reach the customer; however, itwas not easy to close thedeal at first. In spite of all those difficulties, hecould accomplish the contract after several trials.

 Some of colleagues from workshops havegiven a speech about the history of manufacturing process changes which hadbrought them efficiency and convenience. At the sametime, suggestion was provided on how to improvethe processes for even more efficient working environment. By looking back onwhat had changed, the attendant could consider what can be changed for thebetter future.

The speech contest was a great opportunityto witness and learn how they defined the entrepreneurial ‘spirit’. It endedwith a success left much to think about.