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KFMI was invited to the International Microelectronics Symposium and IC World Academic Conference opened in Beijing

On November 18th, KFMI was invited to the International Microelectronics Symposium and IC World Academic Conference opened in Beijing. This year's IC World, under the theme of “New ideas, lead a future”, drew attention from many industry experts and scholars to carry out extensive idea exchange on industrial development, capital management, creation of innovative start-up environment and convergence of advantages in China's integrated circuit and microelectronics industries.

The conference was highlighted by the experts and scholars including Wu Han-ming of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wei Shao-jun of Tsinghua University and Huo Yu-mei of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology sharing thoughts on current status of development path and talented individuals in IC industry. Following that, Ding Wen-wu, the president of National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, and Miao Jun, the chairman of IC PARK, stated opinions on ‘industrial fund’ and ‘industrial complex construction’.

Whilst at the symposium, 47 experts and scholars shared ideas on currently spotlighted topics such as materials, components, equipment, smart chemical plant in IC industry.

During the conference titled ‘the development opportunity on material for integrated circuit industry’, Richard Hui, the general manager of CMP department at KFMI, gave a speech about ‘material exploration and localization for semiconductor chip’ explaining the company’s vision and achievements from the views on current situation of core material industry in semiconductor, material localization for target and CMP and open platform in KFMI’s complete system.

For another speech section titled ‘the development opportunities of components in the integrated circuit industry’, Andy Zhan, the general manager of spare parts department at KFMI, reported on ‘exploring the road to localization of the core components in integrated circuit industry’. During his speech, it was emphasized that in the development and application of semiconductor, materials and equipment were very important two factors and key components in the equipment industry were mostly found in spare parts technologies. Furthermore, based on understanding of core material and experience accumulated in the high purity sputtering target field, KFMI is trying to make its own way to innovative spare parts business. Lastly, Andy added that fundamental problems such as on material, processing or analysis should be solved through comprehensive efforts and by doing so, large-scale production of spare parts will be implemented contributing to the localization of core components of integrated circuits.

In the future, KFMI will continue to strive for sputtering target, CMP and spare part businesses whilst intensifying R&D to enhance the competitiveness in IC market, which will eventually promote the independent environment for IC manufacturing industry in China!