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KFMI was invited to the SEMICON CHINA 2021

On March 17th, the grand opening of SEMICON CHINA 2021 themed as “Trans-global, Heart-to-chip” was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition was to present the latest technologies and achievements of the global semiconductor field by bringing together companies in the entire industry including sectors in chip design, manufacture, quality control, equipment, and raw materials. The main focus of the exhibition was to discuss the collaboration, innovation and sustainable development of the global semiconductor industry.

KFMI, the core enterprise of China's integrated circuit materials, brought ultra-high purity raw materials, targets for IC application, targets for functional coatings, targets for flat panel displays and solar cells application, polishing pads and retaining rings for CMP processes, as well as semiconductor core parts and other products to the exhibition. The booth area was 108 square meters. KFMI has over 100 pieces of items in exhibition, including a 4-meter long target for use on flat-panel display, evaporated particles as small as 2 millimeters, shiny grinding diamond discs, and components with 13,000 fine holes on the surface and more.

Numerous celebrity products and booths displaying the warm and energetic "Konfoong Orange'' as their main color attracted many visitors, especially the KFMI clientele. KFMI customers said that they had received the invitation early and KFMI booth was their first visiting destination upon arriving at the exhibition. The variety of exhibited product categories at the KFMI booth exceeded their expectations and changed their perception about KFMI as a “targets-only” company.

Mr. Ye Tianchun, Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Lou Yu Guang, Chairman of National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, Mr. Ju Long, Global Vice President of SEMI and President of China, Ms. Shi Ying, Secretary General of China Integrated Circuit Materials and Components Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and Ms. Yuan Tong, Senior Secretary-General of China Electronic Materials Industry Association, visited KFMI booth to give cordial guidance. They expressed appreciation for KFMI achievements in the field of semiconductor material manufacturing, and encouraged KFMI to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, enhance independent innovation capabilities, and create more "Chinese Smart Manufacturing" in the field of integrated circuit materials. The company’s deputy general manager, Dr. Bian Yijun, introduced the core technology of ultra-high-purity sputtering targets, CMP polishing pads, semiconductor components and other products to the director of the Beijing Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Mr. Liang Sheng. Director Liang expressed his affirmation and support by further supervising and speeding up the advancement of the Beijing project.

The endless stream of visitors who stopped and inquired at the KFMI booth became the focus of attention in the exhibition hall. The student group organized by SEMI "Excellence Program" also came to the KFMI booth to visit and learn. The students explored and asked many questions they have about the products. They were hopeful about the future development of the semiconductor industry. In order to invigorate the atmosphere and showcase its unique corporate culture, KFMI thoughtfully prepared a performance called "Huanxin Drumming" to lighten up the atmosphere and to demonstrate the company’s elegant demeanor. The audience was mesmerized when the actors in African costumes danced cheerfully to the drum beats. KFMI's energetic performance was the spotlight of the exhibition.

With the rapid development of the global integrated circuit industry and the rapid expansion of the domestic semiconductor industry, KFMI has seized the historical opportunity and established a complete production system from material purification to the final product, and expanded its product line from targets to CMP material, and other semiconductor core components.

KFMI will continue to concentrate on research and development, continue to improve its products in competitive markets and become a world-class semiconductor material company. KFMI will continue to contribute to China’s self-reliance in IC manufacturing.